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Investment Philosophy

Investments represent an important part of a comprehensive wealth management plan.

  • All portfolios are constructed based on clients’ individual objectives, time horizon, and risk tolerance.
  • A low-cost global investment approach is utilized to provide representation in various asset classes.
  • Holdings usually consist of mutual funds primarily from Dimensional Fund Advisors.  We also utilize Exchange Traded Funds, individual bonds, and other securities where appropriate.
  • Investment accounts are monitored to ensure suitability.
  • All investment management accounts are managed on a fee basis. GWA derives no commissions from investments.
  • GWA employs adequate diversification to minimize risk and increase the likelihood of success for client objectives. Investments are diversified by style, type, size, sector and geography.
  • We do not engage in market timing.
  • Tax ramifications are considered in each client’s account. Personal accounts are structured to be tax-efficient, while tax-deferred accounts are managed to produce optimal results before and during retirement.

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